The Golf Academy

At Fit Precision


The Academy is a partnership between
The Golf Academy at Fit Precision
and Cinnabar Hills Golf Club.

This brings two outstanding golf facilities together and provides golfers with a complete range of training options that enable any golfer the tools they need to become the golfer they aspire to be.

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The Golf Academy provides a wide variety of golf specific training options. The training we provide can help golfers that have never touched a club through the advanced golfer who's goal is to be on a number of tours.
We help golfers of all levels and ages.

Enter To Win
A Free Golf Lesson
Hour Simulator Rental
30-Min Pain Treatmen

Weekly Winner Through June 30 2016

Also Free Training
Join Us At One of Our Free
Meetup Group Trainings

From our last Group Training
on June 8 2016

Elaine H.
"Had a great time. I liked the time spent as a group and on an individual basis. Can't wait for the next class

"Great class! I learned a lot just in one lesson, so glad I showed up yesterday:) Thank you and look forward to the next meetup!"



Our golf simulator is the industry's best and that's why we added it to our training facility in 2014. It can provide a wide range of information from swing through ball data. It also displays your ball trajectory plus much more. We use it for training our higher level golfer or you can rent it yourself for swing analysis or game play.

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